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Wallet with a spine. Mastered for digital by Jim DeMain of Yes Master, Nashville TN.

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Available in classic black or marbled grab bag blue. Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. Pressed at Memphis Record Pressing.

Led by sparkling keys and a swinging rhythm, the buoyant "I Have Wandered" is an introspective tale of personal struggle - "Let me roll and rumble and curse with all my might/And fake and fumble until I get it right/I will stand and stumble and crawl towards sunlight/And take and tumble as long as I can fight" - that's perfect for the dance floor.”


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I like your shirt... and your music, too.”

— Willie Nelson, after we opened up for Willie & Family during the 2001 Illinois State Fair. I was wearing at Hank Williams, Sr. shirt.

Hello everyone - Wow last post was August 14 from Johnson City TN-- I remember that Red Roof Inn. I'm now in New York City preparing to play at Pianos on Ludlow in Lower East Side Manhattan for a Baby Robot Media - Culture Collide showcase as part of the Mondo Music Festival and Tech Summit going on in the city this weekend. I just drove here from Paris, Texas (Yes, it's a Paris to New York trip) after visiting with my pal John Robert Brown, a gig in Paris and a trip to San Antonio to see John Stirratt and Wilco. The drive to NYC included a stop in outside Nashville to see my buddy Lyman Ellerman to plan our 5 day Midwest run in first week of November and a relatively quiet and restful sleepover near Staunton, VA at a classic (read, old but clean) Relax Inn,  before reaching Taylor and Melissa Floreth's house in Bayonne, NJ, where you can see the city in the close distance. Decisions to make tomorrow on whether travel on to Florida or high tail it home. Waiting hear from Suwannee Festival promoters first.

Best to all and to all a good day, Tom

Pianos music venue on Lower East Side of Manhattan the site of Baby Robot Media showcase  w/ Culture COLLiDE for Mondo Music Festival & Tech Summit.

Pianos music venue on Lower East Side of Manhattan the site of Baby Robot Media showcase w/ Culture COLLiDE for Mondo Music Festival & Tech Summit.

Tom & John singing Thank You for Loving Me outside in Chicago for video interview.

Tom & John singing Thank You for Loving Me outside in Chicago for video interview.

Hello there, all you happy people (yes , that's a Droopy quote)

 Lots of stuff has been going on, so much I haven't had much time to update this page. We've been pretty good posting on the Tom Irwin Musician-Band Facebook page, so please check that for happenings as well.

Since June we've had the guys at Baby Robot Media working the lines to get us press in print and online for All That Love. We've had success at Glide Magazine, Americana UK, Farce the Music and Mother Church Pew with several more possibilities forthcoming.

We've been to Memphis and back to get our LPs from Memphis Record Pressing, some black and some cool-looking, blue marbled colored vinyl.  They're for sale locally at Recycled Records, you can pre-order at Amazon, and they'll be in your local (wherever you are if you ask) record store after Sept. 8, our national release date.

Speaking of that, Joe Swank at Swank Promotion is handling our radio promotion for Americana format. He worked at Bloodshot Records as there house publicist and we actually worked together on shows in Springfield in my capacity as a music columnist for Illinois Times. Thanks to Joe we will be getting airplay (think positive!) on radio stations all over the country. Please ask your favorite DJ on your favorite roots radio program to give us a spin.

I am finishing up a run through Nashville TN to Charlotte NC and heading to New York City for a few gigs up there the week of August 16-19, including a stellar gig (thanks, Jackie Lane) at the Paper Box in Brooklyn for a Woodstock 48th anniversary celebration with Artie Woodstock, the Father of Woodstock and main promoter and organizer of the famed festival. 

In September I've got several cool festivals and album release parties happening, then at the end of the month, off I go to St, Louis, Baton Rouge and into the great state of Texas for a few weeks.

Onward. In this time of national turmoil and troubles, we need All That Love more than ever. I aim to deliver the message.

Tom - August 14, 2017, Johnson City, Tennessee

Hey everybody! 

We've got exciting things happening here. On March 13 we finished a successful Kickstarter Campaign for All That Love, our ready to go album produced by John Stirratt of Wilco. The funds have arrived and the fun begins. Thanks so much to everyone and anyone who helped make this happen. Long time coming. 

Now we finish the process of designing the cover and begin the manufacturing of the CD and LP, then on to fulfilling our Kickstarter pledges and selling to the public. 

Also we are working with radio promotion and publicists to see who fits us best and then begin the business of putting out the music for the world to hear.\ 

Onward and upward we go with All That Love leading the way. 

Best, Tom